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Inventorade™ Wireless Doorbell

Inventorade™ Wireless Doorbell

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"Absolutely love this doorbell and it has held up very well to the elements. It works well and is easy to install, It comes with double-sided tape, so I don't want to drill holes in the walls...a great purchase."

Douglas Lee.- Verified Customer


The Self-Power Wireless Doorbell is equipped with a strong signal that can effectively penetrate up to 4 walls, making it ideal for large homes and other large properties such as apartments, offices, and warehouses.

This doorbell is waterproof with an IP68 rating so you don’t have to worry about rainy days disrupting its performance. An inbuilt mute mode also helps ensure you get uninterrupted rest at night or during naps. And this doorbell isn’t just a security device – it also doubles as a pager for those times when you are in another part of your property and needs someone quickly.


Wireless doorbell chime, when the button of the wireless doorbell is pressed, it converts kinetic energy into an electrical signal to ring your wireless doorbells. So no more worrying your push button runs out of batteries and no more hassle in buying awkward weird batteries to run your push button. feel the convenience of no battery-operated doorbell.


Wireless doorbell chime, with adjustable volumes. Wireless doorbells for home works range from 98ft with block, from the Chime Box, you have 38 melodies to select. The built-in melodies are easy to select, When the transmitter button is pressed one of 38 pleasant rings of your choosing will sound to notify you of your visitor's presence.


Long-range wireless doorbells, missing important deliveries, visitors, or clients will be a thing of the past when you install this fantastic doorbell kit. Installs quickly without the hassle of running any wires. Just mount the transmitter near your door and place the receiver anywhere in your home within 492 feet.


Plug-in doorbell wireless, use wireless doorbell no battery powered, great for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. The weather-resistant finish will give many years of dependable service.


Doorbell wireless for home, wireless doorbell for classroom, Wireless doorbell is a transmitter self-powered doorbell, without any battery, just plug the receiver into an electrical outlet, the push button transmitter can be fixed to the front door with the provided screws, or stuck to the door with provided adhesive tapes.


Operation Voltage: AC100-230V

Power Consumption:0.25W

Wireless Frequency:433MHz

Operation Temperature:-10 - +45℃

Ringtone Volume:≧50db/m

Wireless Distance:150 meters(Open space)

Receiver Size:95*54*68mm

Transmitter Size:80*50*28mm

Transmitter Power Type: Self Power(No need battery)

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