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Inventorade™ Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Inventorade™ Sonic Electric Toothbrush

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“I love how easy this is to use! I have no issues brushing my teeth anymore. The battery life is amazing too! We charged it when we first got it, and haven't needed to charge it a second time yet. We are trying to see how long it can go in between charges, it's almost been a month of using it twice a day! This product is lightweight too! Turns off automatically when brushing is done. Amazing!”

Pauline P - Verified Customer

Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Unique U-shaped brush head, in line with the shape of the teeth, bites area, and high-frequency sound wave vibration, and can quickly and fully clean the surface and inside of the teeth at the same time.


Using a U-shaped Ultrasonic soft toothbrush is a fantastic way to develop good brushing habits. The U-shaped single-mouth ultrasonic design allows you to free your hands when brushing your teeth. Specially designed seals and gaskets keep the V-White Smart toothbrush water tolerant and it removes 300 percent more plaque along the gum line.


Even while showering, the Full-Body Waterproof Toothbrush will continue to function normally. U-shaped Sonicare toothbrush is 360° edging soft, specially designed ultra-soft brush head, deep cleaning, no damage to gums improves oral health in people with braces and receding gums, is safer for teeth, and is durable.


This waterproof Ultrasonic Whitening Toothbrush is washable and reusable. Forget USB charging because this toothbrush includes a Wireless Charging Dock for charging your toothbrush. The charging life is extended by 10 days when charging for 30min each day. An Ultrasonic toothbrush is a time-and-space-saving travel companion. It can thoroughly clean both the outside and interior of the teeth at the same time while massaging & treating the gums gently, which protects dental health.


You can use this toothbrush as per your cleaning preference because it comes with 3 powerful modes. 

Strong (Strong Mode)

Comfortable (Medium Mode)

Teeth Whitening (Whitening Mode)

Customize your experience according to your tastes and your dentist's recommendations.


After a full charge, install the U-shaped brush head. Never twist.

Shake the foam toothpaste, then press out the foam and evenly apply it to the U-shaped brush head. Paint the whitening gel to your teeth.

Put the brush head into your mouth, relax your bite on the U-shaped brush head, and select the right frequency mode for you.

Easily brush your teeth, and move your brush back and forth, left to right with your hands at the same time, brushes your teeth for a deeper clean. If you find the mouthpiece too small, move it further left and right for greater reach. You can leave on one spot and release hands. Perfect to use in the shower. Suggested timing: run through each set for 30 seconds on each and then leave it on the 4th setting (just whitening) for the rest of your shower.

After brushing your teeth, use a wet cloth to clean up the water and stagnation of the fuselage.



  • Color: White/Black/Pink/Blue
  • Material: Silicon+ABS
  • Shape: U-type
  • Angle: 360 degrees
  • Charge: USB charging interface, wireless inductive charging base
  • Product size: About 1.2*2.6*4.5in
  • Clean Time:45 seconds
  • Charging Time: 90 minutes
  • Modes: Four Modes (Soft cleaning mode/Strong cleaning mode/Massage gum ode/Whitening mode)
  • Frequency: 5000-15000 times /minute
  • Waterproof: IPX7

Package Inclusion:

1 x Sonic Electric Toothbrush

1 x USB Cable

1 x Charger Base

1 x User Manual

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