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Inventorade™ Hair Loss Concealer

Inventorade™ Hair Loss Concealer

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“Works great covers thin spots and blends in beautifully. It's formulated to resist smudging or flaking, so you can go about your day worry-free.”

David T - Verified Customer  

Hair Loss Concealer 

Designed to seamlessly conceal thinning, balding, or patchy areas on the temples, parts, crown, and sides.

Hair Loss Concealer offers a natural "real hair" look with the perfect amount of shine. Enjoy fuller, lusher locks for a renewed sense of confidence.


Keratin Hair Fiber

Gossypium Plant Fiber (100% natural keratin) and Natural iron-based Colorants are the main ingredients in this product. Being free of any type of chemicals, the Hair Loss Concealer is suitable for all skin types, including those prone to allergies. Plus, 10 hair colors to choose from, everyone can find a shade that best suits their species and age. No worries about skin irritation!

Electrostatic Adsorption 

The Hair Loss Concealer utilizes the newest generation of fiber ingredients, creating a nearly indistinguishable product from natural hair. Its efficacy is such that it can be employed on a daily basis without being detectable even from close up.

Easy To Use 


  • Shake bottles over thinning areas.
  • Adjust fiber quantity. Gently pat hair to disperse or comb fibers.
  • Use holder spray for a surprising effect.


    Light As Wind 

    The hair powder is a plant-based Keratin, not synthesized chemically. It adheres to existing hair by a physical process like an electrostatic effect, remaining firmly bound for extended periods, even when exposed to perspiration and precipitation.

    Convenient To Carry

    The Hair-building fibers are tiny & delicate, effortlessly portable. Modifying your hair is easily done whenever, be it on the way out, a work trip, or a romantic evening and beyond.



    • Each spray is like the vitality of each tiny fiber, automatically through the electrostatic force, attached to each thin hair. This will make each strand of hair as plump and fluffy as if it were growing again.
    • More Natural, More Reliable.
    • We've updated a new generation of hair fiber fabrication techniques to make it more adherent and invisible.



    • Usage: Suitable for women and men.
    • Net weight:  25g hair fiber
    • Quantity:  10000pcs keratin hair fiber
    • Ingredient:  Keratin Hair Building Fiber
    • Volume:  27.5g bottle of hair fibers
    • Effect:  Hair Growth Fibers fill hair in 30s.


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