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Inventorade™ Car Power Inverter

Inventorade™ Car Power Inverter

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"I love how this car inverter functions, it allows you to charge or power various devices and appliances while on the go. Great product"

Mariano Go. - Verified Customer  

Car Power Inverter

This Car Power Inverter is a versatile and essential accessory for individuals on the go, offering the convenience of transforming your car's DC power into AC power. This compact device serves as a bridge between your vehicle and various electronic devices, providing a power source for charging and operating equipment that typically relies on standard household outlets.

Intelligent and Fast-charging

The car power inverter features intelligent fast charging capabilities, allowing for quick and efficient charging.

Stable and Safe Output

This power inverter is compatible with both 12V and 24V vehicles, providing stable high-power output and ensuring the safety of multiple devices being powered simultaneously.

Convenient to Use

The car power inverter is designed for ease of use, with features such as switch control, high-temperature protection, and a wide range of interfaces available.

Compatible Devices

This power inverter is suitable for small electronic devices such as smartphones, flashlights, headlights, GPS devices, dashcams, and tablets.

Compatible with Various Vehicles

The car power inverter is compatible with both small cars and trucks. It supports both 12V/110V and 24V/220V.


Product name: Car Plug Adapter

USB interface: 5V fast charge (four USB ports)

Input voltage: 12V/24V applicable

Output voltage: DC220V

Max power: 1500W

Material: metal shell

Output jack: Double jack (1) Three jack (1)

Power cable length: about 75cm/29.53in

Product Include:

1 x Car Power Inverter

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